The CRIME AFTER CRIME soundtrack combines a powerful original score with a selection of songs by some of today’s most talented independent artists, and the live recordings of Debbie Peagler leading the heartfelt voices of the prison choir at the Central California Women’s Facility.

jaymee carpenterOriginal Score

Combining live instruments including piano, cello, Dobro guitar, and an array of creative percussion, the music featured in CRIME AFTER CRIME reflects the range of scenes and emotions in the film – from heartbreak to hope, from tension to resolution.  The music draws the viewer deeper into the story – and stands on its own as great music to listen to anytime.  The film’s original score was composed by Jaymee Carpenter, with additional tracks selected for the film by Jaymee and the film’s director, Yoav Potash.

Arrested Development with prison choirArrested Development in collaboration with the prison choir

After members of the Grammy Award-winning music group Arrested Development learned of Debbie’s legal battle, they visited Debbie in prison and recorded several tracks with her and the choir. The tracks included “This Is Hope,” an original song written by the members of the CCWF prison choir, and a powerful rendition of the song “None of Us Are Free,” co-produced by Jamie Catto of Faithless and One Giant Leap.  The video and audio recordings that emerged from this collaboration are featured in CRIME AFTER CRIME, and they testify to the transformative power of music.

additional music by:


Il Gato is an indie-baroque-folk band from San Francisco, California. The core ensemble of musicians consists of guitarist/harmonica/vocalist Daimian Holiday Scott, pianist/trumpeter/vocalist Matthew Souther, upright bassist/vocalist Andrew Thomas, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Major. With a pop sensibility and lavish modern-classical instrumentation, the band has been compared to Modest Mouse, Beirut, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Arcade Fire.


Jalopy / Nachman Wajcman & Ross Hendler

Nachman Wajcman & Ross Hendler of the San Diego based band Jalopy contributed to the CRIME AFTER CRIME soundtrack, both with their existing material and with music they composed especially for the film. Jalopy creates a new flavor of music drawing from a vast array of old world influences. The music of Jalopy makes use of various styles from French chanson and Gypsy dance to American street music. The core instrumentation is made up of violin, accordion, acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin, percussion, banjo, flute, harmonica, kazoo and voice. Jalopy started making a name for themselves as street performers, playing at farmers market’s and various festivals and drawing large crowds. They quickly drew attention to themselves and began getting requests to play at larger venues. Jalopy holds true that no matter where they play it is there loyalty towards their street music performance that keeps the crowds entertained and ready for more.


Stephanie Haseman

Stephanie Haseman is a Chicago native and Berklee College of Music Alumni. She released her first album in June 2010, which is brimming with relatable, beautiful, piano-driven songs. A special remix of her song “Make the News” is prominently featured in CRIME AFTER CRIME, along with instrumental versions of several of her other compositions. Stephanie is currently living in LA where she is pursuing her music career as a songwriter, with much of her work drawn from personal experience. Her album is available for purchase here and at all online music stores.


Eliot Fisher

Eliot Fisher is a media producer, composer, and teacher from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has degrees in Film Studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and Documentary Studies from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. His video projects include ethnographic work with Yaqui people in Sonora and short documentaries set in rural communities in Brazil about the impacts of a hydroelectric dam and mass immigration to the US. He has composed music for a diverse group of ensembles for short films and live performance, as well as writing book and music for eight original musical comedies, many of which he also directed. He has taught at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Youth Media Project, and is currently teaching digital media production at Santa Fe Preparatory School.

Kendall Forrey

Kendall Forrey

Kendall is a genre-defying songwriter based in Los Angeles. His debut album, Band of Angelenos, is an eclectic blend of music lived before it was written. Inspired by the American landscape and the likes of e.e. cummings, Alan Watts and John Muir, his songs play like short stories and spoken word. The instrumental track used in the film is a powerfully emotive piece of music conveying both loss and hope. He is currently in preproduction on his second album, scheduled for release in early 2012.

music supervision:

Jaymee Carpenter
Yoav Potash
Brooke Wentz, The Rights Workshop