Free From Abuse

Free From Abuse

FREE FROM ABUSE is the nonprofit outreach and engagement project that aims to use screenings of “Crime After Crime” to help end domestic violence and wrongful incarceration. Our efforts actively involve and connect an array of individuals, domestic violence prevention organizations, women’s groups, bar associations, law enforcement agencies, law schools, and other institutions, empowering and mobilizing people in unprecedented ways. See the informaton below, or VISIT THE FREE FROM ABUSE WEBSITE.




• Working with lawyers’ groups, public agencies, and ordinary citizens to spark changes in domestic violence law across the country.
• Distributing complimentary DVDs of “Crime After Crime” to domestic violence prevention organizations nationwide through partnerships with The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and other organizations.
• Enabling domestic violence programs and battered women’s shelters to use private screenings of “Crime After Crime” as fundraiser events.
• Arranging special events at high schools as part of a campaign to educate teenagers about the warning signs of abusive relationships.
Please see the report for more details.


Originally founded as “Debbie’s Campaign,” Free From Abuse is a national non-profit project aimed at bringing public attention and real change to the issues documented in the film “Crime After Crime.” The project intends to fulfill Debbie’s vision that her story be told in order to help others. Funds raised by Free From Abuse will go towards:

Deborah Peagler

  • Presenting Debbie’s story, her legal team, and the film “Crime After Crime” before a wide array of important audiences, including not only film festivals, but law enforcement agencies, elected officials, bar associations, justice organizations, houses of worship, law schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups – all of whom can have significant influence over domestic violence and the evolution of our justice system.
  • Creating partnerships with policy makers, legislative organizations, and the various groups mentioned above in order to encourage other states to consider California in passing a law that allows incarcerated survivors of domestic violence to petition for their freedom.
  • Maintaining and expanding legal aid programs for incarcerated survivors of abuse, including the Habeas Project, which identified Debbie Peagler as eligible for relief under California’s law and recruited pro-bono attorneys Nadia Costa and Joshua Safran to represent her.

Free From Abuse is a project of Headfirst Arts & Media, a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status (tax ID 46-2843898). Free From Abuse is supported through grants, donations, and a percentage of CRIME AFTER CRIME film profits.
Free From Abuse also encourages you to directly support The Habeas Project, a coalition of organizations that works to free incarcerated survivors of domestic violence from prison.


The efforts of the Habeas Project and the volunteer legal teams it works with have brought about the freedom of dozens of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence.  Donations in Debbie Peagler’s name can be made to support the Habeas Project, the organization which initiated the legal effort to set her free.  Make your donation via Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, an organization founded in 1978 which manages the Habeas Project.  Click here to make your donation.

Generous supporters of our outreach campaign:

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