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We rely on your support to help spark a national conversation about Debbie’s story and the plight of thousands of similar women who are victims of abuse and wrongful imprisonment.

Connect with Free From Abuse:

Free From Abuse is the outreach and engagement effort for “Crime After Crime.” It’s a nonprofit project dedicated to making change happen with this film. Learn more at the Free From Abuse website.

Organize a screening:

Email to set up a screening event. The film has been shown at film festivals, universities, community events all across the country, often with a public speaker (such as the filmmaker or one of the individuals in the film) appearing in person to introduce the film, meet audiences, and answer questions – these are dynamic and inspring events!

Learn about legislation:

CRIME AFTER CRIME has helped to fuel a movement to pass or enhance legislation that will lead to fairer treatment of victims of domestic violence within our criminal justice system.  See the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act page for a good example.


Become a fan of CRIME AFTER CRIME on Facebook, mention the film in your Facebook status, and you can link back to our website and trailer. Then take it to the next level by becoming a member of Crime After Crime’s “Five-Fifty” Group of volunteers willing and committed to dedicating five hours or more to telling at least 50 of their friends about the documentary film “Crime After Crime.” We need all the people-power we can muster to support the box office release of the film! More info here.


Follow @crimeaftercrime on twitter, and tweet about our screenings, media coverage, and DVD, now available to the masses.

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Do you have your own newsletter or a blog? Do you know of a newsletter or blog that should write about CRIME AFTER CRIME? Please let us know! If you have any questions or need more information, please contact